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We respect your privacy. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. New technologies, even successful ones, often seem more like toys than tools—for most of cell, telling a smart speaker to turn on the lights is fun but not really life-changing.

3 Must-Have Cell Phones For Seniors

Vids digital advances can make a big difference to older adults, making it easier for them to maintain adult contacts, monitor their health, and preserve their independence. The key, according to Wasserman, is finding the right devices.

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Some general-use electronics, such as smartphones, feature impressive accessibility functions. Other devices, designed specifically for older adults, can ease both physical and social challenges.

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However, experts say, a number of gadgets designed for seniors overpromise and underdeliver. Wasserman and others in his field offered some tips for finding phone best electronic assistance, for yourself or for older friends and relatives.

Tech Gadgets and Older Adults - Consumer Reports

Smartphones are a prime example. Some phones, like the Jitterbug, are marketed specifically to older users, but ordinary Android devices and iPhones include a variety of powerful accessibility features, combined with high-quality screens and great performance.

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You can also reduce the potentially confusing animations that play when apps open and close, boost the screen contrast or type size to make things easier to read, and more. Check out other settings, as well, to adjust factors such as the size of icons and the brightness of the screen and to create contact lists for close relatives and medical providers.