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Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 3 Chapter 6: Lugia(Keira) x Jace, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction

At 16 years old Marcus was already two fanfiction behind the power curve due to an unfortunate accident that happened a few weeks before his 14th birthday that ended up with him breaking both his legs and having to heal for six months followed by another six months of physical therapy so he could walk again, and then another anthro of physical training and studying to fanfiction sure he was completely prepared for the journey ahead of him. Checking his appearance with a travel size mirror Marcus had dark Carmel skin like his birth mother while having his father's pure white hair and crimson eyes.

He was about 5'6 with a nice toned build he was wearing black hiking boots with charcoal grey cargos with black belts sex off each side and a black tank top underneath a black and red Groudon patterned long sleeve button down and matching fingerless trainer gloves.

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Knocking on the door to the lab a few times Marcus waited until he heard Professor Birch yell enter before opening the door. Marcus followed Professor Birch barely able to keep a wide smile from forming on his face only to be surprised when professor directed his attention to two Pokeballs on a stand.

Marcus looked down anthro the Zorua wrapped around his waist. Her fur was soft and warm in the normal coloring for a Zorua her sapphire blue eyes stared up at him the red fur around her eyes looked like dark crimson eye shadow and the cute tuff of dark crimson fur on her head made her look absolutely adorable her body had porn sex malaysia photo gallery girlish curves to it that would develop into womanly curves once she evolved pokemon her face being a smaller Zorua muzzle with human like features to it.

He petted her head getting her to purr and nuzzle against him harder. Marcus frowned as a large sweat drop appeared on his forehead as he realized he had pretty much just become a science project. Marcus shrunk the ball before placing it pokemon the belt hanging off his right side.

Marcus could tell that Riolu was a female as sex due the slight curves of her body and the way her fur puffed outwards in the chest area she blinked her amber eyes looking up at Marcus like Zorua her face was a beautiful cross between a normal Riolu muzzle and a human female face.