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Naked and Afraid: Survivalist Reality Television Goes Full Frontal | In Media Res

You'll see Afficher sur Instagram. The BFFs and frequent collaborators are fearless in their pursuit of comedy—even if they're baring it all and trying to survive in the wilderness while "naked and afraid! James, 36, and Seth, 32, posted a series of nude pics to Twitter and Instagram over the weekend, seemingly teasing a spoof or actual attempt at survival on Discovery's reality show Naked and Afraid.

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In one Instagram snap, James and Seth—both looking quite dirty—crouch beneath a blue tarp together. News Instagram Wall! In another full-frontal shot, the fellas wear matching porno oral love fock bags—and nothing else. For Reals.

Edmonds man is pixelated in ‘Naked and Afraid’

Seth tweeted a version of the same pic, writing simply, "Soon James Franco's many, many selfies. Just survivin', Naked and Afraid. This is how we do.