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Collection #05 - Peter North & Nici Sterling & Avalon

The Avalon Wilderness Reserve is 1, km2 of barrens and forests. It protects the Avalon woodland caribou herd, the most southerly avalon herd in Canada. The survival of this herd is a North American conservation success story. The herd had dwindled to only a few dozen animals by the early s, but it rose to a high of six to seven thousand animals in the early s.

Collection #05 - Peter North & Nici Sterling & Avalon

Init numbered almost two thousand animals. Avalon rolling plateau, the area is dotted with boulders that were left behind by melting glaciers more than 10, years ago.

This wilderness environment with its landscape of barrens, ponds, rivers, bogs, small forests, and thickets makes the Avalon Wilderness Reserve an excellent place peter hiking, canoeing, skiing, angling, srilankan hotel room xxx, bird and wildlife watching, photography, and wilderness camping. North reserve protects a representative portion of the Maritime Barrens-Southeastern Barrens subregion 1.

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The Avalon Wilderness Reserve contains prime habitat for waterfowl, pitcher plants the Province's floral emblem and-in the north known as "old man's beard. The reserve is a wilderness-there are no facilities, amenities, peter markers, or public buildings within its borders.

However, there is a dirt-road network and a series of hydro dams and dykes belonging to Newfoundland Light and Power that predates the establishment of the reserve. The climate is "marine"-winters are mild, summers are cool.

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Strong winds, high humidity and rainfall are typical, and there is often heavy fog. Note that if you take a cell-phone, coverage will be spotty-though it is possible to make calls from some hilltops. One of the oldest protected areas in the province, this reserve was established as the Avalon Wilderness Area in under the Wildlife Actand designated a Wilderness Reserve in under the Wilderness and Ecological Reserves Act.