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Vivid bought the sex tape right up, and has called it Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.

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Farrah Superstar has been released as of May 6,so get on it and watch the leaked porn fucking begin! To be famous?

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Having worn out reality TV and haute cuisine and with no Grammy in sight, Farrah turned to the obvious choice: As in, full on screen. You really have to give backdoor credit: She went on to make over a million from selling the footage to an adult video distributor.

Looking back fondly on her time in mom spotlight of the music world, Farrah released a single: She did state, though, that she considered music a hobby, not a career.

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Wise choice, most likely. In a March interview, she pointed out that she wants to care for her daughter and give her the best life possible. Video is she going to accomplish this, you may ask?