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We spotted some evaluation of the survey over on clickbait-courters Sora News 24though their explanation of the survey findings is nude good here. The data, collected between January and August women last year, showed a D-cup bust to be the most common, black latin and french porn that being the average size in 27 prefectures, including Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagano.

Osaka and Kanagawa were among the four prefectures at the top of the scale with an E average, while Kyoto and Nara were among the six at the smallest end with B-cup busts. For the remaining 10 prefectures, such as Hokkaido and Aichi, C-cup breasts were the most common, and big prefecture came out of the survey with an A-cup bust representing the study participants. What, no A cup?

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Saitama had an A-cup average a veritable hinnyu in a survey by Love Cosmebut chested increased significantly to a D cup in the intervening years. Hooray for Saitama! Here is the map in comparison with the data. Red shows an increase in average cup size; blue shows a decrease; gray shows no change. Many previously small-busted prefectures experienced a growth, almost as if ladies are trying to increase their cup sizes!


On the other hand, the bust size for 30 prefectures grew compared to the statistics. As of the most recent study, though, Saitama has grown to a D bust, the largest gain of any single prefecture something Love Cosme credits to an increase in average hours of sleep per night for Saitama teen girls over the past few years. Tokyo, where we are based, experienced only a modest gain from C to D.

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