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Bryan James Sledge cooed his first note to an audience when he was 5-years-old. His mom was a choir director and his whole family was in the congregation: BJ the youngest of three boys who all sang on Sunday.

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Yet outside was the constant backbeat of his youth: His dad, though also a choir director, exposed him to that secular inspiration firsthand. By night his father did concert security, and videos took his boy to gigs.

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The kid wrote his first song as a teen. And when it was time, he helped BJ secure his ticket to Los Angeles. Blige, among others. A year later came the big one: Impossible Videos.

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Project tape in broadcast the message: He even pitched in on Dr. In My Mind is the first true open door to his world, to a place where the Bible comes first, but Belly might be second.

Where blunts burn and oxtails simmer.