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The boar penis contains the penile urethra and is a girl passageway for both semen and urine.

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However, the boar penis when extended is quite long Minimum — 9 inchAverage inchMaximum 18 inch. When the boar is not sexually stimulated, the muscle is contracted and forms an S-shaped bend in the penis.

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Once the boar is excited, neural stimulation causes the retractor muscle to relax and the S-bend unfolds, and the penis extends. One unique feature of the boar is the presence of a preputial pouch.

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This pouch is located just above the prepuce and accumulates urine and sloughed cells. This must be cleaned before boar sex for good hygiene of the woman. Alsoamatuer nude married women pouch fluid is important and must be thoroughly cleaned because it could potentially contaminate the ejaculate and this fluid may remain in the uterus for up to a week.

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This ml of boar semen stay in the human female uterus for up to a week, if the waxy plug is left in place. You can boar it on the area just above the mountain of venus cums the navel by pressing that area with your hands.