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Mel Gibson stars as William Wallace, the real-life 13th century Scottish hero. A woman is standing naked and we see her breasts although she is in shadow. A man climbs on top of a woman. A couple of sexual innuendoes, and state-sanctioned rape is discussed. A group of men lift up their kilts in battle and expose their genitals it's a long shot so we don't see anything very clearly ; they then lift up their kilts and wriggle their buttocks we see this clearly.

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People are hit and bludgeoned with clubs, balls on amateur nude drinking game and rocks, shot with arrows, gutted with spears and thrown off rooftops; several body parts are lobbed scene we see some close-ups braveheart one person is impaled, scene is tied to a post and his throat is slit; horses are also speared through the chest and abdomen.

In one scene a young boy sees a hut full of hanging corpses men, women and children with protruding tongues and bulging eyes. Soldiers take away a woman on her wedding day for state-sanctioned rape. Another woman is nearly raped, but she fights off her attacker. A woman is beaten by soldiers, tied to a post, and then her throat is slit.

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We see a leper's rotting face, complete with oozing, bloody bandages. Hot tar is poured on a group of men and they are then set on fire and nude in agony. A man is tortured before being killed in an extended scene: Bloody corpses with gaping wounds are evident throughout.

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Be aware that while we do our best to avoid spoilers it is impossible to disguise nude details and some may reveal crucial braveheart elements.