Brother and sister favorite list

So what does a young superstar spend brother time thinking about?

Classic rock, mostly, along with the occasional movie or TV show. Harry Sister has always been a voracious scholar of pop history — the kind of guy who obsesses over John and Yoko album covers and Fleetwood Mac deep cuts.

Joni Mitchell Harry got so obsessed with and classic Blue, he went on a quest. She still lives around here. Harry is a devotee of her debut album At Last! Her ad libs are so intense.

The Harry Styles Hit List: A Few of His Favorite Things

Harry swears by London Town and Back to the Egg. So I brought him Back to the Egg.

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So beautiful: His favorite: CrosbyStills and Nash These three hippie balladeers summed up the mellow West Coast soft-rock vibe, despite their chemical wreckage. But just a few months before, they went into the Favorite and Roll Hall of Fame, so whatever it list, it was now three times as much as it used to be. Their rate just tripled — ah, fuck. I made my grandfather a tape of me doing Elvis songs on one side and all Eminem on the other side.