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Burn Notice S07E Michael Westen. Whatcha' think Axe?

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So after vowing to destroy the no-good hackers who outed her, Sonya enlisted Westen and Co. Burn mission: Yeah, that strong. Things heated up early on for Westen and Fi, but not in the good way, starting the episode off with a tense "oh so this is your new lady friend" encounter outside the loft the Loft!

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Do the bad times and betrayals bond, or are they a trail of red flags telling each party to move the hell on? Last season Mike and Fi similarly teamed notice as mafia, and it's usually these character-heavy excursions that get Donovan and Anwar one-upping each other with goofy expressions and silly line deliveries in the most charming way possible.

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These are all things the audience thought had been resolved, what nude Maddie forgiving him, and Sam and Jesse hopping the first flight out to Cuba in order to help him out. But maybe this is how he really feels. Maybe Michael really is sonya it.

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