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By Carly Butt For Dailymail. Children's books star lots of unexpected anthropomorphic characters, animals and inanimate objects brought to life to walk, talk, and act otherwise human. But while Americans don't blink an eye at Corduroy, Paddington Bear, or Thomas the Tank Engine, a Japanese children's book character is raising a few eyebrows on Twitter this week — and that's because he's a walking, talking butt.

A sleuthing booty!

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This tush finds the truth! Justice stinks: He apprehends suspects by farting out of the hole in his face.

Butt Detective (Anime) - TV Tropes

Capers only a keister could crack: Nick Japur's tweet about the story has quickly gone viral. Oshiri Tantei is actually go go girl adult costume entire series, the first book in which was published detective While detective first in the series is simply called The Butt Detective, subsequent titles some up the central mystery of the book — with a flatulent twist.

According to Nick Kapur, whose tweets about butt series have gone viral, each title begins with the phrase 'Pu pu! Titles in the series include 'Fart, Fart!