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Why Your Pastor Should Say "No More to Beth Moore"

Companies Reviewed Aurora Theatre. Rude Awakening. Onstage Atlanta is presenting an attractive production of "Spring Awakening," with splendid period costumes by Nancye Quarles Hilley, effectively evocative lighting by Harley Gould, and quirky, energetic choreography by Janie Young apparently a replacement since the time initial posters were printed. The visual design elements provided by director Charlie Miller also contribute to the production.

His large upstage tree trunk is perhaps too rustic a backdrop for the action, but its spreading roots painted on the stage floor are intriguing, and his props are incorporated well into the action and choreography. The original Broadway production featured actors springing up with hand mikes to perform the ensemble numbers. Here, the singers ebony teen anal want ebony no amplification.

When one ensemble member has a solo line underscored by the rest of the ensemble singing something else, the solo often gets lost.

Why Your Pastor Should Say “No More” to Beth Moore

Balance between the excellent seven-piece orchestra and the singers tends to favor the orchestra, so words are sometimes lost in the mix. Performances are all good. Valleroy Melchior and Shane Murphy Moritz give heartfelt performances as the male leads.