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Star Wars: Sign queen. Chyna Is Queen of the Ring Video The girls in white naked have been fogging up at Big Tits At School. Just take a peek inside one of our classrooms and you'll see our smoking hot busty students and big boobed dominant teachers getting Chyna the on the biggest ring of pro-wrestling in a gang-bang Battle Royale Match. Skow directed the late Chyna's successful porno feature "Backdoor to Chyna" so he and running-on-empty porn label Vivid how the mighty have fallen followed up with this horrendous junker.

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For example, the untalented Tommy Pistol is embarrassing as announcer Gene Okerfunk, not Okerlund, download only name that is changed. Mean Gene was a fellow with a distinct personality and Tommy doesn't resemble him at all. Like many of the other players he wears chyna phony mustache that is intentionally cheap and affixed poorly. Though the BTS short subject showed some wrestling moves, in the film proper all we get is sex, as the edition of "Fucklemania" pits Chyna against various famous males from the genre, leading up to her hump-off with Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan.

Chyna Is Queen Of The Ring

This finale is supposedly fixed as Chyna is ordered by her boss to throw the match, as if wrestling were subject to that boxing corruption -it being impervious to fixing in that everything has always been planned ahead and choreographed.

But even that idiotic premise is dropped or forgotten by Skow by the time the finale was shot.

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This vast takeoff on "Wrestlemania" has the temerity to be staged with no audience. Even in the crummiest B movie or a Joe D'Amato boxing porno movie stock footage or something is used to represent the crowd reaction but Skow eliminates that aspect of the wrestling phenomenon entirely.

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