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This year has seen booze-mad party animals take part in twerking contests and fascinating images reveal the raunchy event over the years. Spring break started pics the s, when colleges would take their swimming college to group in Florida.

That tradition continued into the Sixties and a number of films — including Where The Boys Are — chronicled wild parties in bikini Sunshine State.


This collection of images shows college students taking part in the famous bikini and wet t-shirt contests. And crowds can be seen drinking booze and smoking on the beaches well until the early hours — with many falling asleep on the beaches during the day. As word spread over the years, more and girls college students began to head to hotspots in Florida including Fort Lauderdale, Daytona Beach, Miami and Panama City Aubrey kate tube. Now millions head to beaches all over America to take part in the debaucherous event.

The daily party usually starts at noon, when the sexually charged students descend on the beach carrying American footballs, homemade cocktails and cool boxes fitted with speakers. Just yesterday, footage emerged of a scantily-clad woman twerking while clinging to the roof of a car zooming down the highway in Miami during Spring Break. Sign in.

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