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Women in Ethiopia live under constant fear of violence, ethopian, hunger and poverty but they are now also facing a new threat - human trafficking, according to veteran women's rights girl Bogaletch Gebre.

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Girls are often regarded as a financial burden on their families in the Horn of Africa country long blighted by cycles of disease, drought, hunger and conflict, and expected to sex out of school to get married or find employment. She is literally there to serve the family," Gebre said, as she girl growing up in ethopian s in Kembatta, southern Ethiopia.

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In the past decade, human traffickers have increasingly lured girls away from their schools and homes in poor, rural areas with the promise of jobs and other opportunities in cities like the capital Addis Ababa, Gebre said.

But many ended up being exploited as maids sex sex workers.

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Because prostitution is taboo in Ethiopia, especially in the rural areas where most of the trafficked girls come from, many find themselves ostracised if they return. The U. State Department's Trafficking in Persons report found that girls as young as eight were working in brothels around Addis Ababa's nude pics of diamond fox market.

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The report also catalogued the abuses Ethiopian women face working as maids in the Middle East, including physical and sexual assault, the confiscation of their passports, withholding their salaries and confinement at work.

SinceEthiopia has banned its citizens from going to the Gulf to work as domestic workers, and last year enacted a wide-ranging anti-trafficking law that introduces stiffer penalties for traffickers and greater victim protection. When a child is born a girl in Ethiopia