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The British Board of Film Classification has a problem with female ejaculation.

Why Did the U.K. Just Ban Female Ejaculation in Porn?

They also take issue with bondage, spanking, face ejculation, and a whole bunch of other sex acts that they feel are too obscene or dangerous for porn [via The Independent. In an effort to keep their porn just obscene enough, ejculation BBFC has banned the following:. If you're living in the United Kingdom and can't get off without seeing some fisting, don't fret. It's still legal to watch this stuff online, but porn produced in the U.

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So get used to watching people consensually verbally abuse each videos in foreign languages, if that's your thing. The biggest problem female here is "female ejaculation.

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Vice followed up with the BBFC to find out why that distinction was made, videos naked women in sexy night gowns turns out it's because it's difficult to tell what's female ejaculation and what's just pee, apparently. Since they also banned "water sports" people peeing on each otherthe BBFC evidently felt they female had to ban squirting.

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But at least now you know no U. As feminist porn director Erika Lust notesthese kinds of bans are going to make U. Take bondage for instance, which Vice notes over 50 percent of women are into.