Female nudity in video games

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Most AAA releases especially single player, story orientated games could second as a feature film with stunning graphics and a story that entices you from the start. With developers trying to make their games hyper-real, or just plain absurd, sometimes nudity is the way forward.

17 Video Games with Full Frontal Nudity (list/video)

Released inBMX XXX is a sports title that primarily focuses on pulling tricks and stunts, while earning most of its notoriety for its nudity. The game itself is a poorly built, half baked THPS replica with bikes replacing boards.

The movement was clunky, the tricks were limited and it was overall badly received by critics. Not only did the game allow players to build nude characters, but at certain intervals, the game will cut to a live video of strippers, which also contain some nude content.

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Not to mention the fact players can view the characters in suggestive poses and zoom in and out where they please. Probably a game you might want to avoid in your achievement list.

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But what about a QTE for sexual intercourse? When I first heard of a quick time event that got Kratos lucky, I had to see it for myself, which was a nice addition to my recent searches on YouTube.

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What I want to know though, what happens if you press the wrong button? I have nightmares about that place and the sticky floors.