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For the uninitiated, there's a certain amount of custom and etiquette associated with the sauna, but follow these tips and you won't go wrong. For the rest of us, here are five of the best public saunas in the Finland:. Finland's best-known savusauna smoke saunain a log cabin in a heart of Finland's lakes district, is said to be the world's largest, though it can seem pretty cosy when filled to naked girls dude dicks in pussy with more than 60 people!

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It's mixed, so bring a towel, and in winter you can walk the short distance to the icehole in Lake Kallevesi for the true sauna experience. The two original sauna buildings date from Don a swimsuit and nud a dip in the lake; in winter, take the 'walk of pain' along the green matting to the ice hole and plunge in! Tampere is a real sauna town and this is the oldest video public sauna in Finland — it's been warming locals since The traditionally-heated sauna with separate areas for men and women exudes a soft and sultry steam.

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Kotiharju, in the edgy Kallio district of Helsinki finland, is an institution and the city's sole wood-burning public sauna. It's heated daily with room for up to 30 people. It's easy to sauna — you'll often see groups of half-naked men on the footpath out front cooling off with a beer.