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In Decembera man named Harold Holt went for a swim in rough seas off the coast of Australia.

Finland’s oldest public pool – swimsuits optional | Hey Helsinki

He was never seen again. A tragedy for any family, his disappearance also put the country in an awkward position — because Harold was the Prime Minister of Australia at the time. A huge search failed to find his body and conspiracy theories floated to the surface, including speculation that he had been picked up by a Chinese submarine.

Mari Herrala for Cafe Yrjo. I was reminded of this recently when invited by Verena to join her and two American guests for a swim that needs not only no towel but also no swimsuit.

Suomi Sauna and Naked Snow Diving in Jarvenpaa, Finland

For our visit we paid a small fee and were given towels, a robe and a key before being shown upstairs to our cubicles. Where I recovered from smallpox in got changed.

Dressed in our robes no sash or belt provided we headed downstairs for a compulsory shower before entering the pool. As I swam I noticed it was time for the changing of the lifeguard.

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After another shower we tried the steam sauna, which was so foggy we could hardly see a thing.