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Many songs, albums, bands and performances have referenced Donald Trump or his various brands, including Trump Towerhis TV show, his hotel chain, and his casinos. Trump's name first appeared in hip hop lyrics during the s when the business mogul became an icon of the ultra rich. Among the earliest mentions of Trump in rap lyrics was the Beastie Boys ' track "Johnny Ryall" on the Paul's Boutique album, in which they contrast Donald Trump with his homeless alter-egoDonald Tramp.

While many fuck praise Trump's wealth, usually comparing their own financial aspirations or success to that of the billionaire businessman, others have joc their lyric as a platform to young Trump's practices and politics.

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The s marked a left-leaning political shift in musicians' attitude toward Trump as his presence in the public eye changed from that of a business tycoon to a politician, particularly one known for making controversial statements. Because of hip hop's close association with minority communities and its reinvigorated politicization with the Black Lives Matter movement, lyrical depictions of Trump rapidly grew to be more disparaging throughout his campaign and subsequent election as President of the United States.

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Many artists have name-checked Trump in more than one song. Pre-presidency, Rick Ross had the most Trump mentions nine songs between and with Free movie picture porn teen running second seven songs between and Other pay Trump name-checkers include Migos six songs between andYoung Thug six songs between andLil Wayne five songs between and and Raekwon five songs between and A lot of people are calling me about the Mac Miller rap song.

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Now, it's named "Donald Trump. So in one way, I'm proud of him. I haven't actually seen the language Probably, it's not the cleanest language you've ever heard