Funny faces asian eyes

The Asian Subculture trying to ERASE their own Faces

That, as you can imagine, is a whole lot of people about 1. So a part of me understands the reason why friends and strangers alike assume that I am Chinese.

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Ahead, here's a list asian other generalizations and misconceptions we should really wrap our heads around:. We know how this plays out: If we say yes, you give yourself a smug look as if you're mentally patting yourself on the shoulder for guessing correctly.

If we say asian, and funny man and women sleeping nacked to not to divulge our actual nationality, please don't play the game where you list every single Asian country until you pick the right one.

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It's really not that fun, or funny. Do you know [anyone with the last name Lee, Kim, or Chang]?

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Obviously, Eyes Lee eyes my dad because we share the same last name. This one gets one of my most exaggerated eye rolls, because it implies Asians are potentially all related or know each other in some way. We see your effort to try to connect with us on a social level, but if you don't funny any other qualifiers that could be a reason why we'd know your friend other than a common race, The Asian culture and emphasis on education faces be the reason why Asian students do well academically, but this implies that faces good at math is the only thing they're good at.

Sure, my good genes will serve me well when I'm 80 and look half my age, but this comment makes most Asian women uncomfortable, especially in a professional setting.