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GATOR girl has no fear as she plays and wrestles with kg alligators, helping to relocate them away from Florida's Everglades. Lawrence dives with an massive reptile.

What Is There to Learn From an Alligator Show In the Everglades?

Caters Source: Picture Media. Lawrence has no fear as she horses around with a kg alligator.

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Caters She even wrestles the beasts weighing over kg and swims with them as part of her job. Ashley is part of a group called Gator Boys, who are filmed for American reality show Animal Planet doing their job rescuing dangerous gaters from Florida's everglades and safely relocating them.

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A native of North Carolina and a relative newcomer to the field of animal rescue, Lawrence always been up for a challenge.

Caters But as part of her job she has to come face-to-face with the scaly reptiles and battles with them in an attempt to help the alligators. Lawrence said: It's kind of my niche. It's the thing I care passionately about. Caters She told the Miami New Times: I don't know if it's that I had a knack for it or it's something that I can focus on really well. Her boyfriend, Chris Gillette, 24, works at the Everglades Alligator farm in Miami, USA, where most of the filming is done and he first introduced Ashley to the world of alligators.