Getting circumcised as an adult

How Getting Circumcised as an Adult Affects Your Sex Life

Circumcision usually happens when a man is too young to remember, so when Dave was booked in for the surgery at 21, he was a little unnerved. One week later, he noticed a discharge.

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Phimosis makes the penis difficult to clean leading to inflammation of the glans and foreskin, difficulty urinating and adult or pain during sex and masturbation and even penile cancer. Dave had always experienced some pain and discomfort, but until the conversation with his brother he thought it was normal.

Adult Circumcision - What Is Adult Circumcision Like

He suffered quietly, dwelling on getting to minimise it. In some cases, phimosis can be treated by a combination of stretching exercises and creams that help elasticate the foreskin and eventually allow it to retract. Blood was drawn as the stitches pulled, but the fact that they remained intact created an unnerving impression of normality.

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As he cleaned the blood from his sheets and his pants, and calmed himself enough to get back to bed, Dave had to face the fact that this would be a common occurrence through his recovery. That stood in contrast to how he felt growing up, where he now remembers holding concerns that he struggled to articulate.

It works fine.

How It Feels to Be Circumcised as an Adult - VICE

For Dave, a newly open dialogue circumcised already helped him process an unexpected outcome of his circumcision - a loss of sensitivity in the penis - that has reduced the physical sensation of sex, and led to difficulty in reaching orgasm. In turn, it has also caused him to focus more on the mental and emotional aspects of his sexuality, which can be both a help and a hindrance. This has led to a new form of anxiety when it comes to sex, but unlike his younger self, Dave is now open and willing to talk through this with his partners, while also talking and listening to friends and family about other force sex with young asin girls photos and mental health problems.