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Gina has good muay thai but so does Cyborg. I think the difference here will be Cyborg's submissions and wrestling, we know Cyborg is also a wrestler in Brazil and purple belt in BJJ under chute boxe, I think Cyborg has more options to attack than Gina in this fight.

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I think the difference is Cyborg punches like a man and Gina punches very well for a woman. I expect Gina to resemble Cyborg by the time this fight is done. GnarcoreAug 11, MarkthesharkAug 11, Cyborg is deffinately the harder hitter but, Gina is the more technical of the two. Carano definately has a good chance in this, don't know why everyone is writting Gina off so quickly.

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AgoniesCreepAug 11, Cardio could also be an issue. A 1st for women.

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This may be the week that I break down and get Showtime.