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The catch phrase for arab sexy lady nude project is:. They believe that one of the causes for this is a lack of general understanding and knowledge of proper use of condoms more on that later!

'Sailor Moon's' Tuxedo Mask Taught Me Self-Love And Acceptance - VICE

The materials being produced in this campaign are: According to Japanese news sites, this is an sailor illustration done by Ms.

Takeuchi herself just for moon program. On the front of the pamphlet is an appeal to get checked early and emphasizing the importance of treatment. It also includes materials on where to find clinics to get checked and has some basic information on safe sex practices. Here we have the heart-shaped condom packet, sex which 60, were produced to be handed out by local governments.

Tuxedo Mask's Unconditional Love for Sailor Moon Was Revolutionary—And Hot

Takeuchi had this to say:. And there you have it!

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Jokes aside — and, I assure you, Japanese twitter and elsewhere is full of them — I think this is a wonderful step girl the right direction in a generally conservative country, especially when it comes to the concept of women and sex.