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Okay, I have earlier mentioned our incredible ability to talk around this house. Swimming lessons have been the subject of one of those repetitive talks lately.

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But then, last week we finally turned talk into action and put the girls back into swimming lessons after girl months of absence. And it is a succes! Since Abby started swimming little almost four years ago we nudist tried three different swim schools around Wollongong.

These nudist swimmers want to show you what really goes on at their pool - Irish Mirror Online

Not because we disliked any of them, really. Growing up in Denmark, where the indoor pools on average are second to k michelle wet pussy, I have had pretty high standards to the pool facilities we have visited here.

For those of you that have never visited a Danish indoor pool, I can tell you that for instance the hygiene is extremely high. Everyone needs to have a shower — naked — and wash themselves with soap before putting on their swimmers and entering the pool.

And no way you can bring a stroller into the pool area straight from the street.

These nudist swimmers want to show you what really goes on at their pool

Actually, you are rarely allowed in the pool area at all unless you are a swimmer and have showered first — otherwise you will definitely need to wear plastic bags over your shoes. None of the above really is. Back in the day, when Josh and I were hanging out together in Copenhagen, waiting for Swim to make her arrival, I took Josh to one of the indoor pools there. I figured it was like that everywhere.

How wrong I was.