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The Shower Room is a location in Yandere Simulator where students will be able locker change their uniform in the future. It is located by the Outdoor Locker. It is not to be confused with the Locker Room. This location can be used for killing students, changing outfitsdrowning people, [1] or taking nude girls of students.

When in the girls' locker room, Ayano can change her clothes between the girls uniform, the school gym uniform, the school swimsuit, or a towel.

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Nude two lockers are able to be opened at this time: Kokona Haruka 's and Ayano's. In the future, students will also react to theft, especially of their clothing, but it is unknown so far what will happen next, or nude to Ayano. In the future, Ayano may not be able to steal uniforms at all. Programming to do so would require changing a lot of students' AI and cause a lot of programming problems.

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On Thursday at 7: She will leave sex adult porno hard dirty phone in her locker, which the player can steal.

As of July 25th,Ayano can no longer leave the girls' locker room whilst nude unless using debug commands or Easter Eggs. As of July 25th,there is a boys' locker room next to the girls' locker room.