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Although this blog is intended for wives with low sexual interest, a lot of their husbands are reading, too. Husbands are trying to figure out their wives. My wife and I have been happily married for over 25 years. Neither of us have sexual baggage and there has never been infidelity.

However, the problem is our sexual intimacy is extremely predictable and routine. I flirt with her throughout the day and we have code words. But, when it comes to sex it is the same way every time. I have tried to talk to her about being adventurous.

Sex Tips for Your Marriage

But, I can tell you that even after all these years, anything out hot sexy desi women in nude the ordinary seems wrong to her. We have studied the Song of Solomon and a couple of other Christian sex blogger books, but nothing is working.

In reading through this message, it appears this marriage is not struggling with frequency, but two other things.

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First, lack of variety, and second, the wife feels uncomfortable with maneuvers outside of their normal routine. A successful marriage is built upon two people feeling like their needs are generally heard, valued, and understood.