Hajime no ippo penis

No matter how hard I try to get back into this, something just shuts me down.

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I understand why Ippo lost to Date. I understand why he lost to Alfredo. I mean….

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I suppose it has something to do with the subplot that Ippo might have brain damage. Ippo had him on the ropes. Miyata is. So, to see him lose 2 times to Ippo, the second being for the Japanese belt, it really irked me.

Hajime No Ippo Uncensored

Seriously though, this bothers me sooooooooooooooooooo much. Not because Itagaki lost, but how he lost the fight.

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All Imai did was trap him in the corner and beat on him until he lowered his chin and got popped on it. Like when you play someone in Street Fighter and petite redhead amatuer porn they do is fire projectiles attacks.

It was dumb, boring and lacked any drama whatsoever.