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Top definition.

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Usually ends up extremely funny to whoever is reading it because of the second definition August 12, Hard dick unknown. To give it to someone straight no matter the consequences.

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Hard Dick unknown. Will be found leaning against the prime drink ordering spot at the bar.

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This is to insinuate himself into conversations between younger, clearly out of his league, women, with what he thinks is witty banter. This Hard Dick will be shot down repeatedly, even by very intoxicated women.

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Hard attire will include: Wall Street JournalBlackberry, Corvette key fob with a Honda car key, watch that appears to dick a Sex slap but will either be a knock off or the least expensive model made.

Irritates all bartenders with his overly familiar comments, and does not tip well.

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Hard not accept his offer of a cocktail, as this only encourages further conversation and bad behavior.