Hepatitis from oral sex

We know hepatitis B is easily transmitted through sex.

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In fact, sexual contact is the most common way hepatitis B is spread in the United States. True sex False?

Hepatitis B

New hepatitis B cases have indeed been steadily declining since the vaccine was introduced in the s, but not everyone has been vaccinated. As a result of the heroin epidemic sweeping through rural America, new hepatitis B infections have risen for the first time in decades among and year-olds who were not lucky enough to be immunized during childhood. If you have a high viral load HBV DNAyou may still be putting partners at risk of infection if hepatitis have bleeding gums, mouth sores, or anything that increases the likelihood of infectious fluids entering their bodies.

Bottom line, oral sex has a lower risk of spreading hepatitis B than other sexual practices, but some risk remains. Tight young teen sex balls a condom or dental dam reduces infection risk.

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An from woman is at higher risk of catching hepatitis B from an infected male partner, than an uninfected man who has sex with an infected woman. As long as you test positive for the surface antigen, you still have the hepatitis B virus in your blood and body fluids. Anal sex is more effective at transmitting hepatitis B than vaginal sex. Any sexual activity that might cause abrasions, oral, or other trauma is especially risky.