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Sex in film is the motion picture presentation of sexuality and love scenes, while an erotic film is one that has an erotic quality intended to create sexual feelings.

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Nudity in film may be sexual or non-sexual. Love scenes, erotic or not, have been presented in films since the clip era of cinematography. Love scenes have been presented in many genres of film; while in other genres, sexuality is jayaprada depicted.

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Some films containing love scenes have been criticized by religious groups or banned by governments, or both. In countries with a film rating systemfilms containing love scenes typically receive a restricted classification. Sex in film can be distinguished from a sex film, which nude girl posing with basketball refers to a pornographic film and sometimes to a sex education film.

It should also be distinguished from nudity in filmthough nudity can be presented in a sexualized context.

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For example, nudity in the context of naturism would normally be regarded as non-sexual. Some people distinguish between "gratuitous sex" and sex scenes which are presented as integral to a film's plot or as part of the character development. My girlfriend with other guy He hot it was amazing She is fucking fat But sex is fucking hot She pulled up her skirt I wanna fuck with you Hot sex and fuck or die Don't be surprised She is a perfect body Those great big tits.

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