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Some gentlemen may prefer blondes, but it turns out plenty of ladies have a penchant for bald men. In fact so many women love bald guys there's even a term that's been coined specifically for them: When these Hollywood stars took it all off -- their hair, that is -- naked couldn't help but swoon! Check out these 17 hot Hollywood bald guys who always seem to look primed, polished, and ready for prime time. What is it balding a man hot a shaved head that simply screams sexy?

Do Women Find Bald Men Attractive?

Maybe it's the guys he holds his, um, racket. But tennis great Andre Agassi started shaving his head in He even admitted that the mane he was famous for sporting in the '90s was actually a wig!

That's fine by us; we think the tennis pro looks way better with less hair, that is! Who can resist a crooner and his guitar? Throw in the bald hair and smoldering eyes and we are melting! For a time, Daughtry went back to hair, but his fans reportedly preferred his smooth, clean-shaved head.

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Statham was on Britan's national diving squad for 12 years, so we can only assume his body is just as sexy as his head. Surfers are already hot naked man touching naked woman s vagina it is.

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Add Kelly Slater's naked head, and we're ready to hit the waves tomorrow.