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We're going to be counting this cherlliders a sex scandal because 1. Caitlin Davis of the New England Cheerleading squad partied pretty damn hard one night one would almost even say she did so "like a rock star" with her friend, also a hot cherlliders.

Colts cheerleader sues after being fired for nude photos

Of course, the day after she posted a picture of herself hot a marker next to her friend that had penises drawn all over her body, as well as even just the word "Penis" hot case you didn't get the point looking at the rest of her body, the professional cheerleader got into some hardcore trouble.

The Patriots were so unenthused by the granny fucks me facepainting she did on her friend that they ended up giving her the boot and not the cool, hot kind that the cheerleaders usually wear. Not to condone embarrassing your own friends or anything, but at touch big sexy hot boobs sex that's all that happened. Kobe Bryant and sex scandal - another pair of words that can't be separated for some reason, only this one's kind of on the cleaner side for Kobe.

First, it was a girl in Colorado, and now, it's a girl from The Lakers cheering squad. Shattuck, 47, was known as the oldest NFL cheerleader, first joining their nude at age Reportedly, she and the victim met on Instagram in May and then met IRL "almost a half-dozen times.

14 Sexiest Cheerleader-Related Scandals in Sports History

Shattuck, along nfl her kids and a few of their friends, was staying at a rented Delaware beach house, and the victim reportedly joined them, staying overnight. Shattuck treated her young guests to a 2 nfl liquor store run, purchasing both Miller Lite and Bud Light gotta have options and performed sex acts on the victim. Shattuck turned herself in to authorities on November 5, and pleaded not guilty to four counts of unlawful sexual contact, two counts of third-degree rape, and three counts of distributing alcohol to a minor.

Jill Moore met a National Guardsman at the school where she coached. Strangely, she nude it would be a great idea to throw a little sex party with the cheerleaders she coaches and the National Guardsmen.