How to indulge girlfriend in anal sex

Anal sex can actually be performed with your tongue or fingers, or with the use of dildos, vibrators, toys, and butt plugs.

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Safe anal sex requires extensive planning, preparation, and open communication with your partner. There are also multiple health concerns associated with anal sex. Strains of bacteria such as Best porn videos tattoos. Even if you and your partner are both free of STDs and STIs, bacterial infections can still affect the partner who is performing the act.

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Always exercise good hygiene and remember to put on a fresh condom before switching to vaginal intercourse. Although the skin around your anus is tougher and provides a barrier against infection, the soft tissues inside the anus are thin and delicate. Penetration can result in trauma like anal fissures or tears, and even bleeding — making you more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria.

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Therefore, practicing safe anal sex includes using some form of over-the-counter lubrication. Failure to do so may cause pain, injury, or bleeding after penetration. However, the stretching and pushing might cause internal or external flare-ups, worsening symptoms such as itching, swelling, and discomfort. Consult with your doctor immediately if you notice heavy rectal bleeding and abdominal pain after participating in anal sex.