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Tantric Ejaculation Control: Learn to Cum When *You* Want To

It sounds like you're really struggling with these expectations you have for yourself. The average time it takes someone with a penis to ejaculate once vaginal intercourse starts is just shy of around six minutes. Now, that's cum an average figure, and the numbers here can vary greatly depending on a lot of factors, including age and you can read more on that here if you're interested.

And for much how people, or sexually inexperienced people, ejaculation often happens more quickly than that. If you are still concerned about this from a medical standpoint, there's no harm in talking this over with a doctor and getting checked out, of course.

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You might also feel better by having a conversation about it. But ejaculating quickly, in itself, is not necessarily a sign of a problem.

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Especially in an otherwise healthy young person. With that said, what I would like to do here is not to give you tips on how primary school girl pussy "last longer," but rather on how you can frame this differently.

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The truth is that our popular image of sex, the way sex is often portrayed in the media or on TV, is not actually not sex usually works in real life. Heck, often even the way that people talk about sex isn't often the way that sex works in real life: Plenty of people exaggerate how long they "last," because there is a very pervasive narrative in our culture of judging people based on that.

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