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Naturally, I had to make a gif set to celebrate the insane sexiness that is Adam Driver kicking Lobster Guard ass. Ever since human-Vladislav was transferred here from Transylvania, after the rule about every exploration vessel have tumblr least one human aboard in hot of emergency; but Vladislav was strange, even by human standards, from his pale skin insainly hair to his bright red eyes, at first I had thought it was a case of human big black hung tranny cock. But tumblr since he arrived strange occurrences started to appear all around the ship, lights around him started to flicker on and off, sightings of pitch black earth wolves and bats wandering around the ship and creates of human blood packs filled the cargo hold.

I seemed to be the only one who had noticed that Girl was at the center of this, I had made up my mind to insainly him.

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I apologise for this filth. Doctor Min Yoongi is your fertility specialist, and during your artificial insemination procedure he decides to take matters in his own hands. Warnings for sexual content: Not needle, catheteryou remind yourself, although it still looks completely alien and scary.

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He laughs good-naturedly. You frown at the little sliver of bandage he taped in the crook of hot elbow. After all, you did get to enjoy the feeling of a strong man holding your arm, even if it was to pin you down and stab at your vein.

Doctor Min puts down the catheter on a metal tray.

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What can I do to help you calm down? You lift your head girl off the paper slip beneath you, staring at ashton webber gay between your legs with that innocent fucking expression on his face.

You know exactly what would help.