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On second thought, this one is worse.

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Donald Barry, who wrote, produced, directed and starred in this film gets full credit for this trash classic. Reall bad Award! As the title implies, this is nothing more than a B-western exploitation romp.

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Today it is often marked with the added title "The Naked Hills. The sets look recycled and the dialogue seems made up on the spot. The cartoonish big band soundtrack, that clicks off and on with each chase or fight scene, must have been lifted from earlier movie melodramas.

When actors muff their lines, the camera keeps rolling.

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In the opening scene, Sex naked asian women. Then he colludes with a local dance hall girl to rip off her partner. Jesse robs her, then they make out.

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Minutes later Jesse saves a singer from gang member Bob Ford, and then makes out with you. Jesse refers to them each as "doll.