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Further evidence katy celebrities are just like us: They, too, suffer embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions in public places.

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On Perry, Katy Perry unintentionally served up a tasty view of her shapely, naked posterior when she japan sex viodes the waves at a water park in an unsecured bikini. Even though paparazzi stationed nearby got the gluteus maximus money shot, Katy was able to laugh off ass accidental booty baring.

Oh, and some flip flops.

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Absent from the water-sport revelry was Perry's new make-out partner John Mayerwho rendezvoused with her later that day for a private house party in Los Feliz.

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The 35 Boobs and Ass Pictures of Katy Perry

By Kat Giantis Further hot that celebrities are just like us: Be sure to click on for more pics of Katy's pale-moony day in the waves …. Up Next Romance Report. More Wonderwall. Get the latest celeb dish right to your inbox. You know you want it!