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The Facts About L-Arginine Supplements and Erectile Dysfunction

L-citrulline is an amino acid normally made by the body. The body converts L-citrulline to L-arginine, another type of amino acid. L-arginine improves blood flow. It does so by creating nitric oxide NOa gas that helps dilate blood vessels.

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L-arginine has been shown to help people with heart disease or clogged arteries because of its vessel-widening abilities. Learn more about the benefits of L-arginine.

Are L-Citrulline Supplements a Safe Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?

The same effect on blood vessels helps improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction ED. In one study, this increase in blood flow appeared to dicks going into pussies symptoms of mild ED and improve the ability to maintain an erection.

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Watermelon is one of the best food sources of L-citrulline. Legumes, meat, and nuts also contain the amino acid. But most people use supplements to increase the amount of L-citrulline in their diets.

L-citrulline supplements are available over the counter.