Lady holding her farts for her boyfriend

There's the day you met. The day you went on your first date.

Woman Dies After Holding In Farts at Her boyfriend’s House – Wittheshit

Your first kiss. The first time you had sex.

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The first time you said "I love you. Maybe not as big chinese lesbian sex porn the other ones but it's still up there.

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The first time you fart in front of your boyfriend is the moment your body has decided it's just as comfortable with him as your heart is. It's a beautiful moment, really. Minus the smelliness and the gross noise. So, I asked women to tell me their stories of the first times they farted in front of their boyfriends.

OK, yes.

Couples Tell Us About the First Time They Farted in Front of Each Other

Farts are gross. But they're also funny AF.

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Also, just to throw it out there, people pooping their pants is the funniest effing thing that could ever happen ever. By Candice Jalili.