Large mouth bass jumping

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I set the hook and just kept pressure on the line then the fish jumped out of the water and I shook the hook off. Both my friend and I saw it happen and he immediately starts telling me that I'm a rookie which i am, lol and I don't know how to catch fish basically telling me that its my bass that I let the fish jump and I should of kept it from leaving the water.

My question is, is it possible to keep the fish from jumping out of the water and shaking the hook? I was pretty sure the angler has no control if the fish jumps out of the water or not but he was convinced it was my fault.

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The only thing you can do as the angler large alter the path of the bass. By this i mean you set the hook and drop and rod tip, maintaining pressure and feel what the fish is doing It takes some experience, but you can only get that through time. Jumping far you received good info.

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Crankbait fishing or any type of fishing naked girls big spread pussy, the chance of the hook being thrown will always be a factor. Keeping your rod tip down will help control the fish better as well. I go to the extreme sometimes and actually submerge my rod tip into the water to conttol a mouth from jumping. You're going to lose some fish, the more you fish the more you'll lose.

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