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Experts say there nude five love languages, but since the invention of smartphones, you can add a sixth: The time-honored tradition of sending your lover intimate photos has expanded into a complex multimedia experience. Apps like Snapchat were created for the purpose of sharing sexy snaps and videos, and the feckless nature of the internet plus the bottomless demand for porn makes the leaking pics private content unfortunately all too likely.

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In HBO's EuphoriaKat Barbie Ferreira experiences the fall out of having a sex tape leaked in her case, filmed and distributed without her consent. For high school students, pressure to send sexts combined with age appropriate poor judgment and nude tendency toward groupthink and public shaming can be the perfect recipe for disaster. As Bella Thorne pointed out recently when she was hacked by leaked blackmailer and fought back by choosing to release her nudes herselfit's never the victim's fault for having their privacy violated.

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In an ideal world, young people would be able to explore their sexuality in a consensual, guy way without the potentially devastating consequences of a leak, we know this is not the case and that not all victims are treated the same: There is also the complex matter of nudes or videos, consensual or not, being shared between minors.

Strict child pornography laws mean that even consenting teens can find themselves guilty of possession of child pornographywhich can result brian pumper porn videos a host of very serious legal consequences, including placement on a sex leaked registry.

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Thanks to a few high profile cases and the tireless guy of activists, laws banning revenge porn are now in place in 46 states. There are a number of groups dedicated to helping victims of revenge porn and should your nude photos or videos be leaked, whether intentionally or by accident, here's what you can do:.

It may seem like your world is crashing around you, but attitudes around revenge porn are changing and as a society we pics slowly moving away from victim blaming. There are more resources now than ever before.

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This is something you can get through. Related Seeing Red: