Lesbian teen that are just losing there veginity

Illustration by Shawna X. It should come as no surprise to Broadly readers that most of the world is organized around men.

Can a lesbian lose their virginity?

A man, Jacques Derrida, even created the word to express the idea: In short, the phallus defines the world, and for millennia it has defined sex.

The insertion of a penis into a woman has been the defining line between virginity and its absence.

black man in bedroom

How then, could two women—neither of whom happen to posses a penis—lose their virginity? How do they cross the slippery rubicon from innocence to experience?

First-time fear: Teenage lesbian nervous of losing virginity

Read more: The Untouched History. For instance, Blank points out, the Greeks thought all the human plumbing was one tube—nose connected to throat connected to vagina connected to butt hole—and that a woman's whole physiology would thus change after being penetrated for the first time.

Blank is loath to throw extra shade on the Greeks for their ideas about virginity "because I don't want people to think, 'Oh they're bullshit and I'm right,'" Blank says.