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I can still remember when I first saw her.

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It was right before girl holidays last year as the grocery store closest to my house had started hiring for the increased traffic they were soon to get. I wheeled my cart into the line to check out and there she was, standing at the end of the line, smiling to the customer in line as she was bagging their groceries and laughing with the checker.

She looked to be about 5'4", small tiny frame with what looked to be maybe A-Cup or possibly small B-Cup breasts store her blue, polo style shirt from the grocery store. She had her brunette hair pulled up into a ponytail and her big, beautiful eyes sparkled as she spoke and laughed.

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Her mouth was stunning with nice, full lips that helped form an infectious smile across her face. Her skin radiated and appeared to be made of tanned porcelain.

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She was an absolute angel and immediately made me long for my days in high school. The customer in front of me finished and I moved forward. As they boy was checking out my groceries, she enthusiastically said hello to me, a cheery nude pics for women she most likely extended to everyone that came literotica.

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I smiled back and said, "hello, how are you? The checkout boy told me my total and I paid and moved towards the cart with my groceries and she said, "well, have fun with your dinner and your fire," and then flashed me that knee-weakening smile. Have a good day," I said before leaving.