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It was a cool October night at sea; Ariel and Eric were taking a stroll arm in arm on the deck of the ship they were staying on while the castle was being readied for little birth of their child. Ariel was nine months pregnant and awaiting the new arrival. Eric however was worried for his wife, she hadn't been at tall well lately and was very weak, and he had pledged to stay with her through these last weeks of pregnancy but had been told he wasn't allowed to be with her during the birth of their child.

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Ariel had had trouble sleeping that night because of the fidgeting baby so Eric had bought her up on deck to get some fresh air. The sun was just beginning to peek over the horizon and Eric led Ariel over to the side of the boat and took his arm from hers.

The two of them stood there in silence watching the sunrise with both hands resting on the side-rail.

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Suddenly Ariel gasped and tightened her grip on the side-rail. Melody stumbled and would have fallen had Nude not slipped his arm around her waist. Eric got to his feet as soon as Ariel was sat mermaid. A few minutes later Ariel flinched and tightened her grip on Eric's hand groaning as she did so.

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When he returned with her Ariel was groaning and Eric had his arm around her whispering to her. Ariel nodded, too tired to speak any more.

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After a big big breast xxx Carlotta got up, a smile spread across her face. Ariel hesitated and then nodded.