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We were put up in a five star hotel run by the Revolutionary Committees Movement who were our hosts. This is the view of Tripoli from the balcony of my room. We had several round table discussions with members of the RCM -- about terrorism, about U.

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Our hosts were very anxious for us to understand the important idea of "direct democracy" as it exists in Libya. Another of our discussions, which were intelligent, courteous, well-informed, and lively. One of the paintings on the wall of the discussion girls was this symbolic one of the Leader's young daughter who was killed by the U. The Leader, M.

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Quadaffi, is considered to be the father of their democracy and lybian person of great wisdom and concern for his people. Later we visited the building in the Leader's Compound in Tripoli where the surprise bombing raid took place and saw the room where this child was sleeping at photos time. The building has been naked as a monument to U.

No cameras were allowed inside the Compound. We made a group statement, shown on Libyan TV, jemima khan fucking for full nyud our reaction to seeing the bombed out building.

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