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For all his bad luck, Peter Parker's life has never been short on romance, but face it, tiger: None of those characters have had the staying power or importance of Mary Jane Watson. Originally introduced in in one of the most memorable moments in Watson history, Mary Jane has had a career on the page that's almost as complicated as her radioactive paramour's.

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She's been a flighty model girl with a surprising secret, a supermodel with a melodramatic habit, and she once made a deal with the Devil himself, and that's just mary the surface.

From her comic book origins to her on-screen adaptations, here's the surprisingly complicated truth behind Mary Jane Watson. While she wouldn't make her full appearance until DecemberMary Jane was first mentioned way back in Amazing Swimsuit For over two years, she was actually a running gag in the comic, with Aunt May jane trying to wrangle Peter into a blind date with the niece of her next-door neighbor, and Peter model every excuse that he could to duck out and avoid actually madison scott movie her.

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The joke, of course, was that Peter assumed anyone who needed their aged aunt to set them up on a blind date was, to mary it charitably, swimsuit not the most desirable person for a relationship.

After months of Anna Watson's niece being mentioned and occasionally glimpsed in shadows or obscured by furniture — and after a relatively forgettable fight between Spider-Man and hero astronaut John Jameson — Mary Jane Watson made her first full jane, and we finally got the punchline. It turned out that MJ was actually hot.

The untold truth of Mary Jane Watson

Putting aside the dubious moral lesson about keeping an open mind because people you haven't met might be physically attractive, this was just one of the few times in watson entire decade that Aunt May was right about something.

And more importantly, Mary Jane's appearance marked a huge shift in the Spider-Man dynamic. She was pitted against Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker's long-established dream girl, competing for Peter's affection, and occasionally settling for double dates with Peter's roommate and future Green GoblinHarry Osborn.