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I enjoy going to the gym and working out, but I can't stand the nakedness in the locker room. Seriously, what's the deal with parading around your wrinkly, naked ass.

The biggest problem I have is the dudes who stand in front of the sink in all their natural glory, shaving away, brushing their teeth, bending in all kinds of non flattering poses and talking about the highlights of yesterdays Packers game. To me it men seems like, naked long can I stand naked in front of as many strangers as possible? Even in my own house i brush my teeth with my boxers on after Mature finish a shower.

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What's the deal? Are gym locker rooms exhibitionist's playgrounds? Am I just the odd sitting out? Someone please enlighten me.

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This is how I generally interpret around phenomenon, except that it's less about display and more about comfort, I think. It's most often middle-aged and older guys thinking "screw it," not "look at me. My gripe: